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Portrait Vicnent Denis.jpg

Vincent Denis

Creator of Happiness

As a child, on a trip to Vendée, Vincent Denis was fascinated by the work of crocheted sugar. The movement of the craftsman dazzles him and his passion for pastry begins there.

Since then, he has learned to handle sockets, techniques, gestures... First from his grandmother, and then by training with Pierre Hermé and Christophe Michalak.

He became a pastry chef in a starred restaurant before taking a plane to cross the globe and work at Attica, one of the World's 50 best restaurants. First chef in Belgium and winner of the "Pastry chef of the year" award in Australia, the new guard of modern pastry is assured. And when you know to what extent pastry is a story of precision and rigour... Low hat, the artist!

The desserts, signature of Vincent Denis, are small chewable balls, highly addictive.

A Pearl with a flowing center of milk chocolate and caramel, placed on a crispy crumble.

There are five different varieties of marbles, ephemeral collections and frozen versions. Vincent Denis is demanding in the choice of raw materials, and innovates with different products - such as lemon myrtle leaves from an Australian tree which taste like lemon when crushed.

He masters the spices perfectly, and creates very high-flying dishes by the minute.

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